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By Elizabeth A. Meyer

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The Romans wrote solemn spiritual, public, and felony records on wood pills usually covered with wax. This ebook investigates the historic importance of this resonant kind of writing and its strength to make records efficacious. It strains its function in court docket, its unfold to the provinces (an point of Romanization) and its impression at the evolution of Roman legislation. Elizabeth Meyer finds how Roman felony files on drugs are the ancestors of modern day dispositive felony records — the record because the act itself. In a global the place wisdom of Roman legislation was once scarce (and enforcers scarcer), Roman legislations drew its authority from a much wider global of trust.

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17; Apul. Apol. 85), as tabella can, although stylus tablets are frequently re-used as letters. Thus tabellarii are mailmen or couriers, while tabularii are accountants and keepers of records. I argue elsewhere (E. Meyer [2001]) that letter-tabellae can have some of the special resonances of tabulae. v. tabula and tabella. 16 Time, people, and actions could be similarly ordered, and special moments and categories separated off, through tabula-actions taken by priests, magistrates, and others. ”18 The sacral calendar, in the keeping of the priests, was called simply the tabula, and published on a whitened tablet (in albo);19 from tabulae could be read prayers pronounced by the priests and repeated by the magistrates (a process known as praeire verba);20 on tabulae were recorded the ritual utterances of the censors as well as the results of their quinquennial census – land, buildings, and census-class of all the citizens,21 along with any public contracts and public expenses and income22 down to 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Lesser templa: quoted, Fest.

For various uses of tablets in an Athenian court, Boegehold (1995) 240–1. Wooden or waxed tablets were not considered a particularly distinctive medium at Athens, cf. 25, Rhodes (2001a) 34–6, and Fischer (2002); contra, Sharpe (1992) 128, who presumes the importance of what the Athenians wrote on wooden boards and tablets, and attributes excessive importance to Dziatzko, who noted (1900) 14–26 that writing on tablets was a part of how Athenians saw their own past, and that (138) the gods do not seem to use papyrus b©bloi.

4, publicae tabulae codices dicuntur. In the fourth century ad, magistrates were still taking records home (Opt. App. 3 = Maier [1987] 176 no. ) Lord Salisbury committed the state to actions documented only in the papers he kept at Hatfield house, Roberts (1999) 509–10. Plurimae causae conducted in tabularia in Tacitus’s day, Dial. 1. Vitr. Arch. 1. “Legal home” later defined as where one has one’s residence (sedes), keeps one’s tabulas, and organizes one’s affairs (D. 203 [Alfenus Varus]). To statues: Apul.

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